Virtual reality and augmented reality in agriculture

360 Videos for Agriculture

360 Videos for Agriculture

FarmVR collaborates with the agriculture industry to teach people about where their food comes from – and what better way to tell your story than to immersing them right into the story? We create 360 videos for agriculture that teaches people where their food comes from, and inspires careers in ag, food and fibre.

We’re a dedicated team of immersive storytellers, who were raised on the land. Founder Tim Gentle grew up on a dairy farm, whilst Kat and Jess both grew up on broadacre properties. Our passion for agriculture shines through in the 360 video productions we create.

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VR in agriculture

360 Videos for Agriculture – Production Services

As an end-to-end immersive production studio, we work with agricultural businesses to help them tell their story and connect with their audience in an innovative way. Our 360 videos for agriculture help to dispel myths surrounding industry practices, engage and excite viewers, encouraging them to consider careers in agriculture, and connect with audiences in an innovative way. In 360 videography there is nowhere to hide, providing a sense of transparency to the viewer.

Creative & Design
  • Strategy
  • Objectives
  • Script writing
  • Project management
  • 360° photo
  • 360° video
  • Virtual tours
  • Immersive portals
  • Web, iOS and Android
  • Standalone VR
  • Hosting
  • Student tracking
  • Statistics
  • Activations
  • Training
  • Hardware purchase support
  • Ongoing support

Behind the Scenes

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Examples of our work

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