Revolutionising Farm Safety: Dive into an Immersive Farm Safety Virtual Tour!

Embark on an unparalleled learning adventure with kids and animals as we present a Farm Safety Virtual Tour! Imagine an A-team of students, lively animals, and an award-worthy teacher at Urrbrae Agricultural High School.

Think Digital seized the opportunity presented by Primary Industries Education Foundation Australia (PIEFA) to produce four farm safety training videos, all part of an immersive Farm Safety Virtual Tour designed to acquaint students with safety on Australian farms.

Traditional safety videos can be a bit mundane, but armed with our expertise in Virtual Tours, we embraced the challenge. Using 2D video, drone footage, and 360 photos and videos, we created an informative and fun tool. Covering safe animal handling, chemical practices, machinery operation, and tractor usage on Australian farms, this Virtual Tour is a game-changer for farm safety education.

What’s even more exciting is that these resources, seamlessly integrated into the Australian curriculum, can be accessed by users nationwide. Whether on laptops or mobile devices, the tool promises an engaging learning experience from any location.

“I wish I had these learning resources when I was teaching agriculture,” says Luciano Mesiti, CEO of PIEFA. With child deaths on farms rising annually, these resources are a beacon, highlighting the key areas students need to be aware of when working on a farm.

But this Virtual Tour isn’t limited to farms. Its adaptability makes it a potent tool for any workplace. Get in touch, and let’s discuss how this innovation could redefine safety training in your workplace.

Damien Brookes, Head of Agriculture at Urrbrae Agricultural High School, emphasises the relevance of involving students. It’s not just learning; it’s teaching and learning from one another.

As you navigate from cattle yards to the machinery shed or take a virtual cruise around the paddocks, experience the Farm Safety Virtual Tour. See firsthand how these vital safety lessons are delivered in an informative and captivating manner.

Double click the Virtual Tour to enable full screen.

The future of farm safety education extends beyond the Virtual Tour. Explore upcoming Virtual Reality teaching resources on the Primezone website.

A colossal thank-you to Damien Brookes, the outstanding staff, and the brilliant students at Urrbrae Agricultural High School, and, of course, Luciano Mesiti. Your collective efforts have been instrumental in bringing this vision to life.

For those eager to explore Virtual Reality Farm Safety content for their business, contact Think Digital. Let’s discuss how we can tailor Virtual Reality solutions to elevate your safety training initiatives. Experience the difference with our Farm Safety Virtual Tour!