Preparing for an Uptake in Augmented Reality Wearables in Agriculture

Apple has been working on augmented reality technology for many years now, but recent news and leaks indicate that consumers could have a wearable Apple AR wearable device as soon as 2022.  Currently, there are other AR Wearables on the market, for example the Windows Hololens, MagicLeap and Realwear HMT-1.

The possibilities that AR wearable technology offers to businesses, their customers and even educators are endless —and this isn’t just limited to agriculture —but to the wider community as well.

We’re excited about how AR wearable will enhance our FarmAR App (iOS & Android), which currently beams in 3D farm objects into the classroom, but more recently expanded our focus to on-farm Productivity data.

AR glasses enable the user to be handsfree while interacting with the technology, which is a useful function when you’re working on farm machinery, or visualising crop growth in the field. In addition to this, AR wearables offer productivity and learning gains to business, customers and educators alike.

Over time, we expect that wearable devices will become more streamlined and compact, with other wearable devices brought into the mix, and perhaps even AR contact lenses later down the road!

The Magic Leap 1 is one of the wearables that Think Digital develops for. It’s an example of AR technology currently available on the market —but unfortunately, it comes with a high price tag and limited sales location. We paid $AUD5,000 for ours, and had to import it via a contact in the USA.

With Apple currently acquiring both augmented reality hardware and software companies, and Microsoft releasing their HoloLens 2 in late 2020, the future of augmented wearables is very exciting!

Recently, Think Digital have been scoping the use of AR wearables in food processing plants, and consider the Realwear HMT-1 as a purpose-built product for such an environment.

The wearable can be mounted on a helmet and is handsfree (voice-controlled). This would be ideal for remote inspections, perfect for being both on the factory floor or out in the yards, and in a corporate environment.

Realwear has also just launched a beta integration with Microsoft Teams, allowing the app to be loaded onto the headset to host and “beam in” participants to collaborative meetings.

It may take a little longer before these wearables reach a more accessible price point, so why not get ahead of the curve by downloading our FarmAR app today

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