Augmented Reality in Agriculture

A boy wearing an AR headset in the foreground and a boy wearing a VR headset in the background.

Augmented Reality in Agriculture

We use augmented reality in agriculture to increase farm safety, biosecurity, industry productivity and communications. Using augmented reality wearables, we can view and interact with 3D content such as:

  • Farm maps with live data feeds
  • Animals, carcasses and different disease and ailment presentations
  • Growing plants, fruits and vegetables to investigate growth process and seeds
  • NDVI soil data

Augmented Reality teaching kids about where their food comes from and sustainability

The Woolworths Fresh Food Kids Discovery Tour project utilises augmented reality to teach kids about the Odd Bunch program, a food waste minimisation initiative.

Kids use augmented reality to grow augmented reality plants, pick Odd Bunch apples or harvest carrots from the patch.

Using augmented reality allows the user to see the real world around them with digital objects and activities appearing on top. Students used iPads to scan augmented reality markers to trigger each activity.

These activities were designed for students to interact with, not just passively view. The series of augmented reality portals we created allowed students to interact with the digital content in their physical space. Once the marker was scanned, the portal appeared as a doorway for the user to walk through, transporting them onto the farm!

We’ve put over 100,000+ people into virtual and augmented reality over the years! Check out our augmented reality gallery.