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Virtual and Augmented Reality Farming Experiences

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We use technology to bring together individuals, businesses and communities so they can collaborate, share knowledge and build skills. We seek to empower and educate those around us so they can in turn create their own stories to share and inspire.

What we do

Production Services

We provide end-to-end 360 degree photography and videography production services for virtual and augmented reality.


We attend agricultural shows, events, conferences, and provide school incursions to deliver immersive content and share these technologies.

Software Development

Think Digital has developed a range of FarmVR applications, such as FarmVR World and FarmVR Mobile, available on iOS, Android, Oculus and Steam.

Training & Support

Interested in creating immersive content, but don’t know where to start? DIY-ers, we’re looking at you – contact us!

Hardware Solutions

Throughout our travels of Australia, we’ve realised the biggest barrier you face is hardware. We listened, and came up with a solution.

Keynotes & Workshops

Tim Gentle has delivered over 1,500 workshops, and presents keynotes on immersive technologies in agriculture.

Interested in working with us?

School Incursions

Be Seen as a Leader in Emerging Technologies

Engage your Students with Emerging Technologies

Safer, More Effective Training

Engage with Learning Material in a Whole New Way

Exposure to New Careers

Communicate with New Markets

Hardware Solutions

Training & Support

Immersive Production

Your story, in traditional 2D or 360° video.

The Think Digital business structure is nimble and responsive, and allows us to scale up or down depending on the requirements of each individual project. This means we can meet the needs of a client who wants a simple experience, right up to full production, project management CGI and animation in post production.



Think Digital delivers immersive experiences at agricultural shows to educate people where their food comes from and encourage them to pursue or consider a career in agriculture. We are an attraction for the show as we offer a new and exciting concept for education, and we showcase our FarmVR applications.

Our activations can include 360 video experiences and interactive virtual reality experiences. A typical activation would include six headsets, two staff, and can accommodate up to 300 patrons per day. These experiences last between 3-4 minutes.

We are happy to create custom experiences based on the focus of the agricultural show. Previous experiences that we have run have included a tractor simulator where people can learn how to drive a tractor, and paddock to plate experiences.

FarmVR in Education

Virtual Reality can be used to provide a range of training and education experiences that are difficult to replicate in traditional classroom presentations.

Immersive content places the learner into the situation, which provides greater comprehension and engagement with the material. The immersive nature of the technology requires the use of more of the learner’s senses, and gives them the sense that they are part of the story, not merely watching it. This results in increased retention of subject matter.

FarmVR World

FarmVR World is a real time, immersive and collaborative space designed to enable people from around the world to meet virtually and to learn and explore advances in agriculture and technology. The platform allows for greater interaction than current online education delivery methods, with tactile VR experiences, teacher/student feedback loops and the integration of 360 video content.

FarmVR World provides the opportunity for others to create their own learning ecosystem within the platform. RiST has engaged Think Digital to design, develop and support an immersive educational space for their students and organisation.

Product suite

FarmVR is a learning platform for agricultural education. Our apps are designed to immerse people into various agricultural settings, teach them about where their food comes from, consider agriculture as a career pathway, and to assist teachers to engage with their students in the classroom. Our range of apps are available on the Apple, Android, Steam and Oculus app stores.

FarmVR Mobile

Android and iOS FarmVR App. Easy to use from your mobile device. Access the FarmVR content gallery using Gyroscope or Cardboard viewer.

FarmVR World

Immersive Collaborative Virtual Reality Learning Platform. Join users from around the world in a virtual learning environment.


Bring the digital farm to your real world. Compatible with both Android and iOS using the latest ARKit and ARCore technologies.

FarmVR Player

Use your virtual reality headset to dive into the FarmVR library. All of the FarmVR experiences are available for download or stream. New content uploaded regularly. 

From Our Customers

“If you have the opportunity to attend a session run by Tim, I would highly recommend that you do.”

Pepper Mickan

“Wonderful service, so valuable to people in isolation who never get to learn anything digital.”

Cooper Smith

“Had a great day learning about immersive technologies in Adelaide today. Lots of exciting ideas that I am looking forward to trying out. Inspirational and yet also achievable!”

Sue Van Der Veer

“Tim puts 110% into everything he does and his passion is obvious.”

Jodi Axford


Founder, Educator, Digital Crusader

Tim believes in immersing students in farming experiences to better educate them about where their food comes from, and to encourage them to consider agriculture as a career path.Our Regional, Rural, and Remote advocate, Tim has delivered over 1500 workshops covering all aspects of the digital world. He values instincts and imagination, and after 20 years in film production, he has a real passion for immersive productions, and gets a buzz from exploring the digital world and educating people on what he’s found. Tim is a director on the PIEFA board.