Sheep Virtual Reality

Sheep and Wool Virtual Reality Experiences

Sheep and Wool Virtual Reality Experiences

Welcome to the FarmVR Sheep and Wool Virtual Reality Experiences!  Learn more about the Australian Lamb industry by taking a tour of the entire supply chain from paddock to plate, and learn about wool classing and Merino fleece judging in our collection of 360° videos.

Sheep Virtual Reality Experiences

Sheep Virtual Reality Topics Include:

  • What it is like to be a Sheep Farmer
  • Paddock to Plate journey of Australian Lamb
  • Wool Baling
  • Tailing and Vaccinating Lambs
  • Wool Classing
  • Merino Judging
  • Shearing Demonstration
  • Sheep Farm Tour

Curriculum Links:

  • Year 5 Design and Technologies ACTDEK021
  • Year 5 Science ACSHE083
  • Year 6 Science ACSHE100
  • Year 7 & 8 Design and Technology ACTDEK0328
  • Year 7 & 8 Science ACSHE120
  • Year 7 & 8 Geography ACHGK037

These assets have been kindly produced in association with industry experts and made available for you to access online, via the FarmVR App and in our FarmVR Virtual Reality Experience available on the Oculus Store. 

Lamb Paddock to Plate Story

Immerse yourself in the story of Australian Lamb – and al the hard work, love and care that goes into its production. Learn why Australian lamb is regarded and some of the best in the world!

Tailing and Vaccinating Lambs

Join Urrbrae Agricultural High School’s Year 11 Sheep and Goat Management class as they tail and vaccinate their lambs.

Baling Wool

Packing the wool in the wool compactor at Oak Hill, WA.

Merino Judging Assessment Tips

Learn about the steps a judge takes when assessing an Merino sheep.

Shearing Demonstration (Part 1)

Watch the shearing demonstration show at Urrbrae On Show day in 2020.

Penning Sheep

Penning the sheep in the shearing shed at Oak Hill, WA, ready to be shorn.

Ella Matta Pastoral Tour

Join us on Kangaroo Island to visit Ella Matta Pastoral, a family-owned white suffolk, maternal and poll merino stud.

Sheep Shearing at Oak Hill

Join shearing contractor George out on a property at Oak Hill, as he shows you through the yards and shearing sheds and explains a bit about his job.

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