FarmVR Virtual Reality Agricultural Show Activations

Elevate the event attractions at your next AgShow! Book FarmVR’s agricultural virtual reality event activation, powered by Think Digital.

FarmVR activations combine innovative modern technologies with agricultural experiences to educate people about where their food comes from, and to inspire them to consider a career in agriculture.

There is a real disconnect with people knowing where their food comes from.

Tim Gentle – Founder, FarmVR

Download our FarmVR app on your smartphone, tablet or VR headset, or alternatively, visit our web app.

We have taken FarmVR to a number of agricultural shows and events throughout Australia. So far over 100,000 people have enjoyed our immersive experiences at these events.

We bring all the required technology, work with you to identify or even create the best experiences to showcase for your region and have highly skilled staff. We are enthusiastic and love what we do, which translates to a great energy!

You will find us excitedly interacting with all attendees, posting about your event on our social media channels and going above and beyond to ensure your event is a success.

What We Provide:

  • Exciting, entertaining and educational virtual reality experience stand
  • 2-20 virtual reality headsets and headphones
  • Large TV that shows a live view of one of the VR Headsets, ideal for FarmVR World 
  • Music and sound
  • Colourful farming backdrop with lighting
  • Outside marquee or Think Digital Coach (costed separately)
  • Our own staffing or volunteer management
  • Social media activation including photos & videos
  • Stage presentations (optional)
  • Virtual reality workshops (optional)
  • Pre and post-event surveys (optional)
  • Localised or event-specific immersive content (optional)

Royal Adelaide Show Case Study

As part of a sponsorship with Spring Gully Foods, we set up a stand at the Royal Adelaide Show; an annual agricultural event run over 10 days in South Australia with 500,000+ attendees experiencing animals, rides, food, entertainment and more. We were located in the Golden Grains Pavilion which aims to connect people with where their food comes from, telling the stories behind grain and other commodities such as honey. We ran a VR experience called Honey on Toast, which takes the viewer on a journey through the production of bread and honey and how it comes to be on your plate. In addition to this, stall visitors were also able to engage in our tractor ride and wheat harvesting experience. Over the 10 days, a total of 2,866 people came through our activation.

The Next Steps:

  1.  Confirm activation type
  2.  Finalise travel costs
  3.  Lock in FarmVR for your event!

At the time of publication, Australia appears to be at the tail end of the COVID-19 pandemic, which has had many unforeseen impacts on events, businesses and lives around the world. If all goes to plan and Australia’s circumstances continue to improve, we look forward to bringing FarmVR to your next event soon.

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