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It's times like these that we need to look for unique ways to learn, to keep fit and socialise.

Why not consider Off The Track Training where you can transform (or maintain) your health and fitness for life anywhere, anytime.

No fancy equipment or workout gear here.. use what you’ve got in your own house or backyard!

Anyway, touch base with Joy McClymont - she is there to help.

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Think Digital Studios
Think Digital Studios
Looking for ed tech tools to enhance remote delivery and classroom experiences? Look no further!

Great to see the work of our friend and client OP Mccubbins at Texas A&M University - College of Agriculture and Life Sciences. Being a leader at this time is being open hearted and willing to share your knowledge to help others - OP has this in spades.

There are some great ideas in here to help with taking education online. Thanks OP Mccubbins.

#farmvr #onlineteaching #VRlearning
Think Digital Studios
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Like many businesses, here at Think Digital Studios, we have had to re-orient ourselves with the unfolding outbreak and ongoing impact that the #coronavirus (COVID-19) is having on the world.
Hygiene is always an important consideration with #VR headsets, and so we’ve decided it might be a good time to share our approach on keeping our virtual reality headsets clean.
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The Universe sure works in funny ways.

My dad went to Roseworthy College and I was lucky enough to grow up on a property once owned by the The University of Adelaide.

When happily rounding up the cows and moving them through the yards on the farm I could never have imagined that one day I would draw on this experience help create a training environment using immersive technology like virtual reality.

But today I had the pleasure of working with Mandi Carr and her students at Roseworthy as they started using the large animal handling VR training environment we built at Think Digital Studios to help them get more comfortable working with cattle.

VR definitely has a role to play in teaching students, many of whom have never been near a cow, important information about flight zones and where to stand - a kick by a Droughtmaster Australia bull in VR doesn't hurt! Then it's in to the yards for these students to see if they can remember these lessons in real life.

Mandi's amazing insights into cattle behaviour and steely determination to give her students this experience made this possible, and the cattle responses so accurate.

There was also a few old stock agents and farmers who helped us to make this so realistic - a big shout out especially to Chris Howie and Ian Bidstrup. Bet you never imagined this!

#farmvr #vrtraining #vreducation #immersiveeducation #universityofadelaide #largeanimalhandling
Think Digital Studios
Think Digital Studios is feeling proud in Mundulla, South Australia, Australia.
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Mundulla, South Australia, Australia
Today we’ve had a ball at the Moot Yang Gunya Festival & Mundulla Show, and the Prime Lamb Competition & Livestock Innovation Expo. We reckon the event-goers enjoyed #FarmVR too!

The best part of today was witnessing the joy & excitement that our immersive VR experiences bring to kids.

All designed to teach kids where their food and fibre comes from, and to inspire them to consider a career in agriculture.

If you’d like us to come to your show, send us a message!
Think Digital Studios
Think Digital Studios
The Think Digital Studios team can't wait to buckle people into our #farmVR tractor simulator and lend their hand to shear a virtual sheep this weekend at the Moot Yang Gunya Festival & Mundulla Show!

Now we get that the folk from Mundulla probably all live or have an association with farms, but we see our immersive experiences as a fantastic way to build skills, increase safety and just to have fun.

FarmVR is designed to help educate people where their food comes from and inspire them to consider a career in ag.

Visit our website to find out how we can showcase immersive technologies at your event, conference or agricultural show.
#mundulla #agshow #eventactivation
Think Digital Studios
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Tim Gentle (@timgentle) is a digital strategist, educator & entrepreneur well known for his Hitech mobile classroom launched through winning a bus! Today he's sharing his experience as the keynote speaker at the #CharlesSturtUni Faculty of Science Learning & Teaching Symposium.

What better way to celebrate #NationalAgDay than to immersive @senbmckenzie in the LT's Egg Farm #FarmVR Experience. The expression your face says it all 🙂
VR is such an innovative way to "tell your story", in this case dispelling the myths behind caged egg farming. #AgDay19

The commitment shown by @OzPIEF to driving education and career opportunities for P-12 schools across Australia is unparalleled, great to be part of the journey #allaboard thanks for hosting our AGM @Australian_Pork "lions and tigers and bears... oh my"...


A successful meeting of members and AGM yesterday at @Australian_Pork Experiencing new options for education thanks to @timgentle

Look what I found wandering around the hallways at @Australian_Pork today, couldn't help myself @MargoAndrae #FarmVR #FarmAR #ImmersiveEducation #whatsfordinner #pork #aussieporkisbest #porkonyourfork
@OzPIEF 2019 AGM

Classic @shangoodwinbeef not much has changed from my days on the dairy farm, except bessie the cow is now digital. Jokes aside, #VirtualReality is such a great training tool, especially in animal welfare, OHS, inductions etc great to showcase at @AustFeedlots #SMARTBEEF2019

Shan Goodwin@shangoodwinbeef

Tim Gentle performing AI in VR at #smartbeef2019

Mind blowing workshop w/ @timgentle from Think Digital Coach on immersive technologies (360 photo & video, VR & AR)! Endless possibilities & opportunities to leverage on that tech to educate, train, communicate, engage, market & sell, connect, improve productivity & much more!


Step on stage with Tim Gentle who showcased @connectngrow_ #HealthConnectVR which brings the hospital to the students in Virtual Reality, to inspire them to consider a career in health and social services. #2019QSVC

The @AHRI_Team + WeedSmart team got to check out #TECHSPO2019 this week. Here's our Comms Officer @BarrettShannen giving #FarmVR a go with the guidance of @timgentle #thinkdigital What are your thoughts of learning through VR? It could be built into the nxt #DiversityEra course!

Incredible demonstration from @timgentle #thinkdigital discussing all the applications for VR and AR technologies in agricultural marketing and education. Minds blown here at @DirtSouthern #TECHSPO

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