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And this happened! Great to be out filming some immersive content again for #FarmVR as @UrrbraeHS prep their cattle for the @stockjournal virtual show


Our AgSoftware spotlight this week is on Farm VR from Think Digital.
Using Virtual Reality, it beams people onto farms to help educate and beyond this, it can be used for marketing, training, inductions, OHS etc on your farm.
@timgentle #ausag #agtech #vr

Tim Gentle (@timgentle) is a digital strategist, educator & entrepreneur well known for his Hitech mobile classroom launched through winning a bus! Today he's sharing his experience as the keynote speaker at the #CharlesSturtUni Faculty of Science Learning & Teaching Symposium.

What better way to celebrate #NationalAgDay than to immersive @senbmckenzie in the LT's Egg Farm #FarmVR Experience. The expression your face says it all 🙂
VR is such an innovative way to "tell your story", in this case dispelling the myths behind caged egg farming. #AgDay19

The commitment shown by @OzPIEF to driving education and career opportunities for P-12 schools across Australia is unparalleled, great to be part of the journey #allaboard thanks for hosting our AGM @Australian_Pork "lions and tigers and bears... oh my"...


A successful meeting of members and AGM yesterday at @Australian_Pork Experiencing new options for education thanks to @timgentle

Look what I found wandering around the hallways at @Australian_Pork today, couldn't help myself @MargoAndrae #FarmVR #FarmAR #ImmersiveEducation #whatsfordinner #pork #aussieporkisbest #porkonyourfork
@OzPIEF 2019 AGM

Classic @shangoodwinbeef not much has changed from my days on the dairy farm, except bessie the cow is now digital. Jokes aside, #VirtualReality is such a great training tool, especially in animal welfare, OHS, inductions etc great to showcase at @AustFeedlots #SMARTBEEF2019

Shan Goodwin@shangoodwinbeef

Tim Gentle performing AI in VR at #smartbeef2019

Mind blowing workshop w/ @timgentle from Think Digital Coach on immersive technologies (360 photo & video, VR & AR)! Endless possibilities & opportunities to leverage on that tech to educate, train, communicate, engage, market & sell, connect, improve productivity & much more!

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