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Think Digital Coach
Think Digital Coach
Did you know?

Virtual reality began in the 1960s, when the Sensorama (pictured) was patented. It had fans and smell generators to enhance the users' experience, and even showed a basic version of a 3D video inside, somewhat like the VR headsets onboard the Think Digital Coach!

Whether we educate through VR, or the touch screen with Meat & Livestock Australia advocate Anna, we are having a great time here at the Sydney Royal Easter Show showing the paddock to plate story of lamb with Australian Good Meat.

Have a safe & happy Easter from the team here at Think Digital! 🐰

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Think Digital Coach
Think Digital Coach is feeling excited.
AgFrontier - Putting the “ag” back in “agtech” - Pre-Registrations close tomorrow for Regional QLD and Northern NSW Agtech startups!

AgFrontier is a project of Central Highlands Development Corporation and is a Regional AgTech Incubator Program

Register today! https://chdc.com.au/agtech-agribusiness/agfrontier
Think Digital Coach
Think Digital Coach
Hey, I'm Jess, and I'm a part of the wonderful team here at Think Digital.

Growing up on a farm, I have a real passion for agriculture, and that's why I'm so excited to be here at the Sydney Royal Easter Show on the Australian Good Meat tour. We are showing the story of Australian lamb and how it is grown, in virtual reality, on board the Think Digital Coach. I am lucky enough to be able to fuse my love for agriculture and passion for technology together to bring you the lamb paddock to plate journey in VR!

We've been super busy over the past few days, as you can see in these photos! If you're planning on visiting the Sydney Royal Easter Show, be sure to come along and say hello - I'd love to meet you!
Think Digital Coach
Think Digital Coach is feeling accomplished at Adelaide Showground.
Adelaide Showground
Today we immersed over 140 future sheep breeders at the SA Sheep Expo in immersive technologies like #virtualreality and #augmentedreality and how they are being used in agricultural to advance the industry through education and marketing, both on home soil and overseas.

It was super cool to hear from Lauren (one of the committee members) who mentioned that some of her students from Birdwood High School were already using our #FarmVR App to build up their knowledge in preparation to show their sheep at the Mt Pleasant Show... amazing feedback.

Thanks for having us and we look forward to journey ahead!

Now go and immerse yourselves 🙂
Think Digital Coach
Think Digital Coach
Rocky is in his element here at the Sydney Royal Easter Show. We're set up in the Woolworths Food Farm, with thousands of people coming in to learn all about where their food comes from before heading over to pat the baby animals.

With our friends Australian Eggs running cooking demos, bakers teaching kids about grains, flour and bread making, aquaculture displays, pollinators and a pie baking display, it's a great place for Australian Good Meat to showcase what goes into bringing the best lamb in the world from paddock to plate all in VR.

In Sydney? Come and say hello!
Think Digital Coach
Think Digital Coach
We have very excited crowds lining up around the corner here at the Sydney Royal Easter Show waiting to come on board and try the Australian Good Meat lamb paddock to plate virtual reality experience! Bring your friends & family and try it for yourself, we're here for the whole show thanks to the #ausgoodmeatroadshow! #thinkdigitalcoach #sharethelamb

I love exploring the Immersive tech space w/world-class Ss and faculty at @TAMU @ALECaggies Excited to keep pushing the envelope on Immersive tech for teaching & learning in Agriculture with gr8 partners like @timgentle #ARVRinEdu #AR #VR https://t.co/YbDFBJr3Nt

ACRE are 1 of 8 #digital #innovation case studies launched today by @RD_Vic highlighting how people in Ovens Murray use #technology to improve #economic and #social benefits https://t.co/Xv92l9yF6t @timgentle

Did you see @thinkdigitalbus @timgentle on @abclandline yesterday? Tim will be speaking at #HortCon19 about how virtual and augmented reality can benefit the agriculture sector. If you missed it, you can catch up here: https://t.co/j5wo19v0vB

In one of the learning areas for kids at #SIA2019 in Paris - using #VR for immersive ag education experience. @ThinkDigitalBus @timgentle #ageducation #agriculture #SalonDeLAgriculture #nuffieldag

Tune in to @abclandline this Sunday to see how some of our livestock agents are using VR to help clients reach more buyers https://t.co/IPQkzflUcu

Our crusade is not just creating #VR content, but inspiring, educating and engaging others to become Immersive Storytellers too. Today in #Brisbane we met @TeysAustralia @UQ_News and had a #virtualreality meeting with @MurrayComputers in the #qantasclub


We’re chopping at the bits to tune into this Sundays @abclandline story produced by @KerryStaight "How #virtualreality is changing the game in #agriculture" should be very informative and highlight the impact it will make. #VR #immersivetechnology #farmVR #agchatoz


Nice disguise at #evokeAG Prof Caroline & Dr Marcus! Looking into possibilities of #farmVR for the #futureofagriculture, are we? @timgentle #thinkdigital

A great example by @timgentle of using our app #InsightHeart at his #workshop


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Free digital marketing workshops next week!

Join @timgentle of ThinkDigital on the hi-tech #ThinkDigitalCoach in Tallangatta, Corryong or Mitta Mitta as part of Think-Start-Grow program in #Towong Shire. Video: https://t.co/j1s2YAFDxl To register, visit https://t.co/RPK3sWv3lA

'You be the farmer' on the https://t.co/sC3hAmKBoC stand with @timgentle at #GFIAAustralia in Brisbane today. Pop their VR headset on and have a go!

Thanks @MarkFurnerMP, #VirtualReality is very exciting, loved your passion for Qld Agriculture.... One challenge we need to overcome at the same time is connectivity in the bush... but I don't need to tell you that!

Mark Furner MP@MarkFurnerMP

Agricultural industry is changing rapidly. Tim Gentle of Think Digital is presenting on how virtual reality could revolutionise the way we work @TheGFIA #GFIAAustralia #qldpol

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