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Think Digital Coach is feeling inspired in Dysart.
G'day, glad you could join us! During the Isaac Regional Council Immersive Education Teacher PD Sessions we discussed the importance of positioning the 360 camera so that it makes the viewer feel part of the experience. These 360 photos are best viewed in a #VirtualReality headset, but if you move your phone around, or click and drag your mouse on a desktop, you will feel like your sitting in the session with the other teachers. #ourisaac
Think Digital Coach
Think Digital Coach is feeling inspired.
The key to technology is to not just consume it, but learn how to create it, and that's the underpinning theme of this #ScienceWeek #STEM tour in the Isaac Regional Council.

We're running immersive education workshops for students at primary and secondary schools, and teacher PD sessions so that they have the skills and confidence to adopt #VirtualReality and #AugmentedReality into the classroom.

We get so much pleasure in bridging the gap by bringing these sorts of technologies to remote communities who often don't get the chance to experience it. We love seeing the smiles and hearing the 'ooh's and ahh's' as we travel throughout Regional, Rural and Remote Australia. Thanks Isaac Regional Council for welcoming us to your region!

#ourisaac #thinkdigitalcoach #iimmersiveeducation
Think Digital Coach
Think Digital Coach
Think Digital Coach is feeling excited with Tim Gentle.
When passion meets purpose...

A couple of farm kids now using the latest in VR & AR technology to help connect people to the stories of our farmers and the food & fibre industries in Australia. #loveourjob #vr #ar #farmvr #agriculture #paddocktoplate National Farmers' Federation Meat & Livestock Australia
Think Digital Coach
Think Digital Coach shared a post — feeling amazing at Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre.
Velg Training
Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre
Thrilled to launch #HealthConnectVR with Connect 'n' Grow - RTO 40518 today at the Velg Training Conference. We've taken what we've learned in developing #FarmVR and applied it to health sector. So good to work with an RTO with such vision and a real passion to support regional, rural and remote Australians.
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Apply here➡️https://www.seedsandchips.com/australia/hackathon
Think Digital Coach
Think Digital Coach
Caught up with good friend and Primary Industries Education Advocate Alysia Kepert to learn more about the vision for PRIMED which prepares students for futures in Australian Primary Industries... Of course we put on VR headsets to discuss the role Immersive Education could play & snapped a 360 of a beautiful Flame Tree. #FarmVR
Learn more > http://bit.ly/PRIMED-for-the-future

Step on stage with Tim Gentle who showcased @connectngrow_ #HealthConnectVR which brings the hospital to the students in Virtual Reality, to inspire them to consider a career in health and social services. https://t.co/Tud941uVTO #2019QSVC

The @AHRI_Team + WeedSmart team got to check out #TECHSPO2019 this week. Here's our Comms Officer @BarrettShannen giving #FarmVR a go with the guidance of @timgentle #thinkdigital What are your thoughts of learning through VR? It could be built into the nxt #DiversityEra course!

Incredible demonstration from @timgentle #thinkdigital discussing all the applications for VR and AR technologies in agricultural marketing and education. Minds blown here at @DirtSouthern #TECHSPO

#TECHSPO2019 off to a good start Tim Gentle showing us that virtual and augmented reality is not the future, it's here!
Educate, market, communicate, connect!
-buy stock?
-Show future employee's your farm?
Endless opportunities for AR/VR!


Virtual Reality/ Augmented Reality and farming might not seem like an immediate match, but Tim Gentle of Think Digital is making it work! Tim’s presentation to Techspo attendees, at Wagin, delved into ways the technology is being used for sheep, cattle and more. #techspo2019

Tracey from @DirtSouthern got to meet the #augmentedreallity Ram up on stage today in front of a crowd of hundreds, loved her smile #TECHSPO2019 #farmVR

The #AugmentedReality Ram is about to "beam" on stage at #TECHSPO2019 after meeting his mate The Giant Ram in Wagin, WA @DirtSouthern 🙂 #FarmVR

@timgentle of Think Digital Coach is hosting a #hackathon at Global Table 2019 with @awscloud. And you can be part of it. Apply now to join a team of 10 hacking your way towards a consumer-friendly #AR solution for traceability in the food industry. https://t.co/eOJMVT0zmU

Keen to learn how augmented reality can be used on farms to help with asset management, greater industry visibility, facilitate staff training and inductions, market your product, tell your whole farm story and more? #TECHSPO2019's keynote from @timgentle has the answers.

Did someone say #Hackathon!!! Think Digital is partnering with @globaltable_aus and @awscloud to host a Hackathon on 3-5 Sept 19. We will create an #AR experience for consumers to understand more about their food purchases. Apply today https://t.co/Q2i3Oj7BdA #globaltableaus

@timgentle of Think Digital is hosting a #hackathon at Global Table 2019 with @awscloud. And you can be part of it. Apply now to join a team of 10 hacking your way towards a consumer-friendly #AR solution for traceability in the food industry. https://t.co/jbvbeqalnI

Immersing @ausgrainsconf in #VirtualReality and #AugmentedReality Showcasing how it can be used in the supply chain at grain storage sites, during freight, at ports, marketing and in trading. Lots of live demos allowing people to see the potential for themselves #FarmVR #agic2019

#FarmVR Sheep shearing prototype at @AUS_SheepShow a bit of fun and more programming required, but lots of potential, to help train up the next generation! Who’s coming with us? Watch this space! #immersiveeducation #agtech #shearing #wool

What a time to be alive... augmented reality.......
But @timgentle is really in the studio right now. Tune in! 91.1FM https://t.co/GO8E8fj4Ke

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