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Think Digital Studios
Think Digital Studios is feeling accomplished at Texas A&M University - College of Agriculture and Life Sciences.
#Dreambigger they say! #FarmVR goes to Texas, USA
Texas A&M University - College of Agriculture and Life Sciences
#Dreambigger they say! Well today I (Tim) was on the set of #aggieXR at Texas A&M University in College Station, Texas, USA.

It is humbling to know that one of the worlds largest Agricultural Universities (7000 students in the Agriculture Life Science Department alone) was inspired by our pioneering work on #FarmVR that they wanted to collaborate with us.

So we helped them to develop their own Immersive Education Solution they've called AggieXR - XR encompasses VR, AR & MR.

Today we produced a Poultry Science Immersive Experience with Professor @OP Mccubbins the main driver of the project.

...enjoy the 360 experience... what a day!

#poultry #alecaggies #farmVR #farmAR #farmXR
Think Digital Studios
#Dreambigger they say! #FarmVR goes to Texas, USA
Think Digital Studios
Think Digital Studios is feeling proud with Tim Gentle in Vancouver, British Columbia.
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Vancouver, British Columbia
Scotty beam me up! Vancouver Canada hosted the 2019 VR/AR Association Global Summit this week. I (Tim) took the opportunity to beam myself into the future and bring back some Immersive Technology goodness for you all. However, my trip has also reinforced that my team are on the right path in this very exciting industry and evolution of communication, so that was a little proud moment too. #VRARA2019 #FarmVR #FarmAR #FarmXR 🤓
Think Digital Studios
Think Digital Studios shared a post — feeling inspired at Think Digital Studios.
Think Digital Studios
Dairy, Robotics and Immersive Technology, tell us we weren’t in our element when Nico and Jess from came to visit us at our studio!
Think Digital Studios
Think Digital Studios is at Taminmin College.
It was a pleasure for us to attend the first Food, Fibre & Foliage Education Roadshow yesterday in Darwin, hosted by Primary Industries Education Foundation Australia-PIEFA and NT Farmers Association - a passionate group of teachers, industry people and presenters educating the next generation about the future of agriculture and horticulture in Australia. We presented a workshop, training the trainer how to integrate immersive technologies into their classroom today, by using our app #FarmVR, taking 360 photos to construct a virtual tour & creating their own #AR! #virtualreality #vr #xr #augmentedreality #immersivetechnologies #immersiveeducation #agriculture #horticulture
Think Digital Studios
Think Digital Studios is at Hobart Showground.
Have you ever shorn a sheep in #virtualreality ? Hundreds more people have now had this amazing experience thanks to #FarmVR at the Royal Hobart Show! We immersed students, families and farmers into #vr showcasing 360° video experiences as well as our interactive sheep shearing simulator. We're inspiring kids to consider a career in agriculture, using #immersivetechnologies to show them different aspects of farming and what it's really like out there - and having fun of course! Stay tuned to Think Digital Studios to find out where we'll be seeing you next, as well as other exciting news! 🐷🐑🐄 #immersiveeducation #augmentedreality #FarmVRWorld #agriculture #royalhobartshow2019
Think Digital Studios
Think Digital Studios
Come behind the scenes of our upcoming Virtual Reality experiences with Local Land Services NSW, here's a sneak peak!... we were out birding in the Northern Tablelands woodlands for a fantastic rare Australian songbird, the Regent Honeyeater, showcasing their behaviors and habitat, and local Riparian zones.

These two upcoming Virtual Reality experiences will be coming out soon on #FarmVR!

Stay tuned to Think Digital Studios for updates!

During National Bird Week 2019 be sure to look out for this amazing endangered yellow and black little bird!

This project is supported by Northern Tablelands Local Land Services through funding from the Australian Government's National Landcare Program
Think Digital Studios

The commitment shown by @OzPIEF to driving education and career opportunities for P-12 schools across Australia is unparalleled, great to be part of the journey #allaboard thanks for hosting our AGM @Australian_Pork "lions and tigers and bears... oh my"...


A successful meeting of members and AGM yesterday at @Australian_Pork Experiencing new options for education thanks to @timgentle

Look what I found wandering around the hallways at @Australian_Pork today, couldn't help myself @MargoAndrae #FarmVR #FarmAR #ImmersiveEducation #whatsfordinner #pork #aussieporkisbest #porkonyourfork
@OzPIEF 2019 AGM

Classic @shangoodwinbeef not much has changed from my days on the dairy farm, except bessie the cow is now digital. Jokes aside, #VirtualReality is such a great training tool, especially in animal welfare, OHS, inductions etc great to showcase at @AustFeedlots #SMARTBEEF2019

Shan Goodwin@shangoodwinbeef

Tim Gentle performing AI in VR at #smartbeef2019

Mind blowing workshop w/ @timgentle from Think Digital Coach on immersive technologies (360 photo & video, VR & AR)! Endless possibilities & opportunities to leverage on that tech to educate, train, communicate, engage, market & sell, connect, improve productivity & much more!


@farmweekly you caught me testing out the VR headset with @timgentle at the @DirtSouthern TECHSPO the other day. Very cool idea to immerse people into the agtech world #bridgethegap https://t.co/olP7DPKwA6

Step on stage with Tim Gentle who showcased @connectngrow_ #HealthConnectVR which brings the hospital to the students in Virtual Reality, to inspire them to consider a career in health and social services. https://t.co/Tud941uVTO #2019QSVC

The @AHRI_Team + WeedSmart team got to check out #TECHSPO2019 this week. Here's our Comms Officer @BarrettShannen giving #FarmVR a go with the guidance of @timgentle #thinkdigital What are your thoughts of learning through VR? It could be built into the nxt #DiversityEra course!

Incredible demonstration from @timgentle #thinkdigital discussing all the applications for VR and AR technologies in agricultural marketing and education. Minds blown here at @DirtSouthern #TECHSPO

#TECHSPO2019 off to a good start Tim Gentle showing us that virtual and augmented reality is not the future, it's here!
Educate, market, communicate, connect!
-buy stock?
-Show future employee's your farm?
Endless opportunities for AR/VR!


Virtual Reality/ Augmented Reality and farming might not seem like an immediate match, but Tim Gentle of Think Digital is making it work! Tim’s presentation to Techspo attendees, at Wagin, delved into ways the technology is being used for sheep, cattle and more. #techspo2019

Tracey from @DirtSouthern got to meet the #augmentedreallity Ram up on stage today in front of a crowd of hundreds, loved her smile #TECHSPO2019 #farmVR

The #AugmentedReality Ram is about to "beam" on stage at #TECHSPO2019 after meeting his mate The Giant Ram in Wagin, WA @DirtSouthern 🙂 #FarmVR

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