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Product suite

FarmVR is a learning platform for agricultural education. Our apps are designed to immerse people into various agricultural settings, teach them about where their food comes from, consider agriculture as a career pathway, and to assist teachers to engage with their students in the classroom. Our range of apps are available on the Apple, Android, Steam and Oculus app stores.

FarmVR Mobile

Android and iOS FarmVR App. Easy to use from your mobile device. Access the FarmVR content gallery using Gyroscope or Cardboard viewer.

FarmVR World

Immersive Collaborative Virtual Reality Learning Platform. Join users from around the world in a virtual learning environment.

FarmVR Player

Access the FarmVR content across your virtual reality headsets.


Bring the digital farm to your real world. Compatible with both Android and iOS using the latest ARKit and ARCore technologies.

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