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Immersive Education Strategy

Building the future

Think Digital creates immersive experiences to engage, educate and inspire. Using immersive technologies like Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) we develop and deliver experiences to a range of audiences and clients, from school students, to librarians, to industry groups and producers. 

Think Digital developed FarmVR as an immersive education platform for the agriculture industry. It is designed to educate people on where their food comes from and encourage them to consider a career pathway in agriculture. FarmVR has evolved to include a series of mobile apps and VR activations at events and conferences. FarmVR World is our latest app that delivers a real time Virtual Reality (VR) platform for education.

Product suite

Our apps are designed to immerse people into various agricultural settings, teach them about where their food comes from, consider agriculture as a career pathway, and to assist teachers to engage with their students in the classroom. Our range of apps are available on the Apple, Android, Steam and Oculus app stores.

FarmVR Mobile

Android and iOS FarmVR App. Easy to use from your mobile device. Access the FarmVR content gallery using Gyroscope or Cardboard viewer.

FarmVR World

Immersive Collaborative Virtual Reality Learning Platform. Join users from around the world in a virtual learning environment.


Augmented Reality Farming Experience. Bring the digital farm to your real world. Compatible with both Android and iOS using the latest ARKit and ARCore technologies.

Benefits of immersive technology

 VR makes it possible to provide a range of immersive training and education experiences that are either difficult or too expensive to replicate in a traditional classroom setting.

Immersive content places the learner into the situation, which provides greater comprehension and engagement with the material. The immersive nature of the technology requires the use of more of the learner’s senses. This results in increased retention of key learnings.  

Immersive educational experiences can compliment or can even replace current teaching methodology. It provides a conduit to enable learners to explore career pathways, practice and experience parts of the curriculum in “real life” settings, and provide teachers with feedback on student participation. The FarmVR Product Suite facilitates enhanced learning experiences using virtual and augmented reality.

Benefits to the Student

  • New and exciting education delivery
  • Access educators and material remotely
  • Engage with learning material in a whole new way
  • Greater comprehension of course material
  • Access to experiences otherwise unavailable
  • Get real-time feedback

Benefits to the Educator

  • Attract and retain new students
  • Efficiencies in education delivery
  • Innovation in the classroom
  • Branding opportunities

Benefits to the Industry

  • Attract next generation into career pathways
  • Showcase opportunities that exist
  • Global reach
  • Be seen as a leader in new technologies

Collaborative Learning in Virtual Reality

FarmVR World provides the opportunity for others to create their own learning ecosystem within the platform. RiST has engaged Think Digital to design, develop and support an immersive educational space for their students and organisation.

By adopting the latest in technologies, RiST will broaden their reach, attract the next generation of innovators and encourage them to take up careers in agriculture. It is expected that RIST will have enhanced student engagement, increased participation and greater learning outcomes.

The RiST platform will be a 24/7 collaborative virtual reality learning portal, with a combination of live classroom experiences, pre-recorded content and immersive experiences. It will allow registered students to access, engage and undertake a range of training and development experiences and provide feedback to RiST to further enhance the way they engage with their students. 


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